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What we do: Provide supplemental education and supportive services to youth and young adults seeking to complete a high school diploma, obtain employment, and/or attend college.

Clients: Riley Arts Foundation provides assistance to older youth and adults through fundamental academic instruction while using art as a motivating factor to tap into the creative interests of each student. Some students pursue careers in art. Others are equipped with basic job skills to help them find employment or enroll in higher education. Most participants are Standard English Learners who reside in and around metropolitan Los Angeles, California and have had their education interrupted for various reasons. See:  as an example of how our students lead art projects.

Methods: Art brings together diverse cultures and can make a difference in community relations. The Riley Arts Foundation meets the community at its level of interest, encouraging positive, interactive empowerment, thereby increasing stakeholders and benefiting everyone over the long term. The Riley Arts Foundation’s method of instruction is rooted in artistic self-expression. Some of the creative areas explored with students while working toward reinforcing the achievement of Standard English and mathematical principles through Algebra I include:

• illustration and computer animation
• digital music concepts
• fashion design
• public television broadcasting
• personal environmental footprint solutions

Organization: The Riley Arts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation. The Foundation family, including its board members and staff, has extensive experience related to local, regional and nationwide educational systems and resources. The management is committed to carrying out the Foundation’s mission and making a positive contribution to help build stronger and more productive community stakeholders in the City of Los Angeles.

Resume writing, independent study options, tutoring, job coaching and professional training.
Please call for an appointment at our Mid-City Los Angeles location.

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