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Riley Arts Foundation provides job skills training and academic support to older youth and young adults using art as a motivating factor. Our teachers, tutors, artists and business executives work with students of all ages, particularly those who are older and have been out of school more than a year.

Although most of our students left school during the secondary education grades, many are young adults challenged by social barriers that interrupted their education before or after high school. Some have never held regular full-time employment, do not have healthcare options because coverage is linked to being employed, and they need to develop a variety of skill sets.

Our Mission: to support the infrastructure that builds a stronger future for everyone - education and jobs. We assist youth and young adults in (1) furthering their education, (2) improving their employability, and/or (3) preparing for and enrolling in college while developing life skills that move them into a more productive and better quality of life.


Riley Arts Foundation
115 W. California Blvd., #147
Pasadena, CA 91105-3005
Tel:  323.456.3610


Tips - 100% to Students - provides stipends to assist with transportation, food and interview apparel.